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Freelance producer On NEXT NEW ENGLAND

A weekly radio show and podcast about New England in a time of change. Hosted by John Dankosky, out of Connecticut Public Radio.


Episode 88: Saved 

 Episode 89: Marathon   

Episode 90: The Question 

 Episode 91: Finding Home 

 Episode 92: Belonging




 A look at the biotech startup companies coming out of the University of Connecticut



Professors Are People Too

An English major's quest to find the person behind the Ph.D



Talk Show Intern at Connecticut Public Radio


Where We Live: My Parents Are My Roommates: Living At Home In 2017

The Colin McEnroe Show: What's On The Other Side? What A World Without Walls Would Look Like

Contributed TO

Where We Live: From Internee To College Student: UConn’s Enrollment Of Japanese-Americans During World War II

NEXT Podcast from the New England News Collaborative: Episode 37: Landscape


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