Lucian Wintrich Uproar Pops UConn's Political Bubble

"But an education is incomplete without friction. And an education is not an education if the content is curated toward a single political stance."


The Arts Paper Krikko

'You Gotta Know What You're Doing:' A Trip to the Hill Museum of Arts

“It’s almost like you’re dancing, your hands have to move in rhythm.”



Hartford Courant PERSONAL ESSAYS


Great People Are Touchstones Of My UConn Experience

"I am proud of UConn, not in its stadiums, but in its offices and hallways.  So much of my education isn't represented in the glossy pages of an admissions booklet — I'm making my own brochure full of the unexpected relationships I've formed."


Graduating With ADD And A Great Resume

"I consider uncovering my disability and learning how to manage it as genuine a success as my internships or grades. When I imagine you looking at only how I appear on the page, it feels like an incomplete picture of me."


HONorable Mentions

A blog post from my time as Marketing intern for the New Britain Museum of American Art



Photos and concert review for WHUS Music